Prosperity Path Program Rules for Access and Community Guidelines

Welcome to your joyous journey! The Prosperity Path Program, Membership, and Facebook Groups are a place for you and other survivors of abuse. It’s our space to connect, create, share, journey, and inspire. It’s up to us to keep this Official Prosperity Path Community a safe, accepting and a compassionate space for every member, so we’ve created a list of guidelines and rules.

Please note that, in accordance to our Terms and Conditions, breaching these rules can lead to removal from The Prosperity Path Facebook Groups or revoke your lifetime access to the Course itself. We do, though, provide benefit of the doubt and assume good intentions, as well as allow for disputes to be made if you think you were wrongly removed or censored.

In the Prosperity Path Facebook Group:

Be kind.

Encouragement and support comes first. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, gossip, bigotry, or insensitivity. Essentially, everyone should feel welcomed, despite different backgrounds and opinions. Disagreements, discussions, and opinions are welcome (and sometimes encouraged!), but these conversations must be held with compassion and respect. Basically, no personal attacks. If you feel you cannot control your words in a conversation, step back. We’d recommend saying “I don’t have the emotional ability to continue this conversation right now, so I will be leaving it.”

Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the community without a refund.

Don’t put down people or programs

Critical examinations of other programs, methods, and public figures have their space in this group—especially as we all try to grow as people, and live in a world where others make mistakes. But, this is not the space for down talking others. This means you’re not permitted to trash talk Arien, The Prosperity Path, Uncover Your Joy, another person or a Prosperity Path member.

This means you’re not allowed to post “A certain member did X and it hurt me.” We don’t support call out culture. If you have an issue or grievance—with the program or another member—please bring it to the attention of that person or our team by emailing [email protected]. Attempt to find resolution, rather than starting drama.

If you feel it’s important for us to know about an issue or member, please take screenshots, collect your records of the transactions or communications, and let Arien Smith know by writing [email protected] We don’t want scammers or harmful members in this community and we’ll take action.

Be generous

Supportive communities are mutual—where all members lovingly give to each other and lift each other up. So, basically, give more than you ask. Share what you’re working on or struggling with, but keep a greater focus on sharing support, wisdom, and encouragement. We recommend 3:1. Provide 3X more support, insight, and encouragement than you ask for.

No bigotry or stigmatizing language

The Prosperity Path is a safe and supportive place for all survivors. This means no stigmatizing language against any minority, marginalized group, or type of mental or physical health condition is permitted.

This includes language like:

      • Narc/Narcissist/Narcissistic abuse
      • Sociopath/Psychopath/Psycho
      • Split Personalities/Multiple Personalities/“Like Jekyll and Hyde”
      • Retard, Stupid, Idiot (apologize for including this slur, we can’t censor for clarity)
      • “I’m mental” or “He’s mental”
      • Borderline abuse
      • “This is so bipolar”
      • “You’re so OCD”
      • “I’m so triggered” (when not discussing actual PTSD triggers)

Racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and other bigoted language and sentiments are not permitted. If someone in a marginalized community calls you out on something being problematic, please consider what they are saying and work on growing from such.

Depending on the severity, bigoted or stigmatizing language can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the community. This is at our discretion. We do promote growth and education, though, so genuine attempts to grow and make amends are supported an encouraged, if a mistake like this is made.

Use Validating Language

Validation is a huge tenant of The Prosperity Path, and that includes validating each other in this community. This means you’re encouraged to respect other’s opinions and experiences, and remind others it’s okay to feel strong emotions or have tough internal experiences.

Invalidating language is not okay. This means things like “Just cheer up!” or “Choose joy!” are not cool. Make space for others to have their emotions respected—we don’t need life to always be easy during our healing.

No forcing religion on others

Faith-based viewpoints are completely fine, but it’s important to understand that this is triggering or upsetting for some members. You are welcome to have discussions on the role of faith, or share your personal experiences in posts or comments, but please specify this is only your experience. Don’t try to promote religious or spiritual viewpoints to other members without their consent.

Trigger warnings are required for certain topics

Trigger warnings help keep this community safe. These allow you to talk about difficult topics and other members are able to consent to reading that content. If they don’t want to, they can scroll past the post without being accidentally triggered.

Any images or videos including triggering content must be nested in a comment. This means it cannot be in the actual post. The post can be something like “I found this really interesting…it does have X trigger in it, though!” and then you comment on your own post with the link to the video or the picture attached.

Topics that must have a trigger warning are:

  • Abuse of any kind (please specify which type)
  • Animal abuse or death
  • Bigotry (racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc)
  • Bodily fluids
  • Child abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Cults
  • Death or near death experiences
  • Gaslighting
  • Manipulation
  • Medical procedures
  • Mind control
  • Miscarriage or abortion
  • Religion
  • Self Harm
  • Sexual Assault or Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Suicide
  • Torture
  • Violence
  • Weapons

If you would like a trigger warning added to this list, please email us at [email protected] to request we add it. We will add ones that many members request, but we cannot guarantee all will be added to this list (as triggers can sometimes be obscure, and that can make it difficult for people to follow and understand this rule).

Do not censor trigger warnings, as this can make them unreadable for some members. This means a proper trigger warning looks like “TW: Abuse” not “TW: Ab*se)

You are allowed to share your personal story, but you must include proper trigger warnings. Keep in mind this group is growth-based, so post with the intention of seeking support, tips, or validation, rather than sharing hardship from nothing more than a need to rant.

Don’t copy, steal or share other people’s intellectual property.

Don’t repost or repurpose the content of other members’ without their permission. If you have a question or case of infringement, write to the party directly. Be sure to take screenshots and capture all communication to prove your case. If you need further assistance, write us at [email protected] Breaches of copyright are taken seriously and it can lead to removal from the program and community.

Maintain confidentiality

Privacy is important for survivors of abuse. We have a hard ban on sharing any content posted within the group anywhere else online (as in, don’t screenshot something in the group and post it on your personal page). Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate removal of the group without refund.

We also ask that you don’t share the names or any personal information you discover from other members without their permission.

Keep in mind that sharing posts outside this group can put other survivors of abuse at risk. The only exception is contacting proper legal or medical authorities if you believe a member is at risk of harming yourself or others. Please let us know of this concern at [email protected] too so we can assist in handling that situation.

Additionally, don’t email or contact other members without their permission, or add people to your newsletter list. This means not sending them a private message, before asking them if you can in a group comment or post. Violating this is grounds for immediate removal without a refund. (Unsure if something is okay? Reach out to us, we’ll help you navigate the situation!)


The Prosperity Path group is different from most support groups for survivors. It’s an uplifting, inspiring place and—by following these posting guidelines, you’ll help keep it that way.

Basically, we want to make sure members feel good when the visit the group. So, posts that simply talk about past trauma (with no intention of seeking advice, growing, or healing) aren’t what this group is for. Think “Could this post help me or others heal” when you write it? If you can answer yes, it’s the right post for this group.

Essentially, we just don’t want posts that are super heavy. There’s room to talk about tough stuff but not just with the intention of spilling your trauma story. You can definitely talk about your hardship—we respect and validate that—just be mindful of how it may affect other group members.

We want this community to be focused on healing, so if you’re talking about the tough stuff, keep that in mind too.


This community is strictly for paid members of The Prosperity Path Membership in good standing. Arien Smith is the sole moderator of the group.

The Facebook group for your class is a bonus, not technically part of the paid program. If Facebook changes their terms or decide to start charging for Facebook groups, that may limit or remove our ability to keep this Facebook group open and running. If group guidelines are not honored and upheld, the Facebook group may also be closed down.

This FB group will not be open forever, just from June 29th to August 5th, 2020. (The launch, duration of the live program, and two weeks after). After this, you’ll get an invitation to join The Prosperity Path Membership, which grants you access to a larger FB group of all alumni and additional bonuses (live calls, Q&As, challenges, workbooks, etc). This is optional and it does have a monthly fee. More info on that is at


You are permitted to share free resources (like blog articles you’ve written), as long as it meets these guidelines:

      • You follow the 3:1 ratio, meaning for every resource you post, you help without promoting your work 3 times.
      • The resource you share is relevant and follows other group rules (as in, not stigmatizing and relates to healing from abuse, mindfulness, etc.)
      • Your work doesn’t sell or directly promote any paid offering
      • Your resource isn’t treating or diagnosing a mental or physical health condition

Selling any material without written permission from Arien Smith or an Uncover Your Joy team member will result in instant removal from the group.

If you want to run a poll or survey for personal research, please run it by our team first by contacting Arien Smith on Facebook or emailing [email protected] with your proposal.


This is one of the most important styles of posts that happens in the Prosperity Path community! Basically, at any time, you can make a post that begins with #CELEBRATE and an accomplishment (or several!) you just had. Anything small or large counts—this is an act of self love.

Then, other members will comment with words or images of encouragement, fun gifs, or other way of celebrating your success with you. The intention is to uplift all the members, so it means that—when you see a #CELEBRATE post—you’re encouraged to comment on it too. Remember, we’re all in this together. The more support we mutually provide each other, the better and faster we’ll all find joy. <3


This group isn’t the right place to get tech help on the program. If you can’t log in or access Prosperity Path content, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll resolve it as soon as we can!

This is a peer support group, meaning it’s not a place to get accredited therapy or treatment. There’ll be plenty of support, but it’s not a substitute for professional treatment. This means no discussing medications or providing direct health advice, either. Even if you are a trained mental health professional, please refrain from diagnosing or treating any members in this group. If they become your client, then you can engage with them this way outside of The Prosperity Path community.

Arien and the Uncover Your Joy team aren’t on Facebook 24/7, so we can’t constantly monitor the group. If you have an issue, please contact us with a screenshot by email ([email protected]) or click the dots at the top right of the troubling post and select “report to admin.” This will flag it so, when we’re online, we can address the issue. Please do NOT report the post to Facebook directly, as too many of these can lead to the group being shut down.

We respect every member, and we expect you all to share the same love and compassion with each other. Let’s keep this a loving, engaged community!


There are vibrant souls from all over the world, with wildly different experiences, in The Prosperity Path program—so, sometimes there can be a few awkward, uncomfortable, or tense situations. Here’s a few common ones, as well as some tips to navigate them!

I don’t vibe with a member’s energy or comments.

It’s okay to not connect with everyone in this group. You’re here to heal and find support, your job is not to spend energy you don’t want to reading or engaging with heavier comments. So, here’s a few strategies to handle this without creating an issue! First, you can add a statement like “Please only positive responses” on your posts or comments. This will keep tougher content out of your own feed and notifications. Second, it is always okay to block another member. That’s not a bad or mean thing, it’s simply setting a boundary! Along with this, if you find a member has blocked you, please consider it as a neutral action. Your energies just weren’t compatible—and that’s totally okay. You’re both beautiful survivors. <3

Someone is Mean/Unethical/Hurtful/etc.

We wish that everyone who ever enrolled in B-School followed the golden rule but we cannot guarantee that every encounter, every correspondence, every working relationship, and/or every personal relationship you form with another B-School is going to be rosy. Or that it’s going to stay rosy. But we will absolutely – in no way, shape or form – tolerate “someone here _____” or “there’s a B-Schooler who _____.” This kind of veiled attack or call out is not acceptable and grounds for your immediate removal. If you have a legitimate problem with another B-Schooler, handle it directly with them. The reason why is accusations and assumptions are not facts. You must learn to deal directly with people you have conflict with. And you may also write us at [email protected] as it might be grounds for his or her removal from the program. If the actions of another B-Schooler is putting you and the community in danger and you feel you must speak out to protect yourself and others, write us first. Slander is slander, even on social media and you could personally be held liable. But if this is a personal matter, we strongly encourage you to use the resources of your friends and family, or your own private social circle, to get the support and love that you need at this time. This group is not for veiled venting or casual accusations. We take this very seriously and behavior of this kind violates our guidelines and will result in your immediate removal. Harassment or abuse of any kind is grounds for immediate removal.

No One Responds to My Posts

This group can move fast, so sometimes posts get lost. A lot of this is thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. The best way to handle this is to repost, perhaps including a relevant image (as this can help you get more noticed and boost the algorithm!), at a different time of day. No matter what, keep sharing and connecting—you’ll find support here. <3

Also, sometimes Facebook gets hungry and likes to eat some posts. So, if you can’t find your post, go ahead and repost it! Just be mindful not to spam. Granted, sometimes posts disappear because they go against community guidelines, so you’ll want to check to make sure yours didn’t too.

You can check out the “What Happens if You Don’t Follow The Guidelines” right down below!

Someone who abused me joined the group

This has never happen, but we want to include advice on this as a hypothetical. First, immediately contact us at [email protected] with any relevant screenshots or evidence demonstrating the abusive nature of the person, along with their name (so we can identify who they are). We will investigate (on manner of opinion) and make the best educated decision of what to do. It may involve recommending both parties block each other (so you can’t see each other’s posts in the group) or it could involve the abusive individual’s removal from the group. If you have safety concerns about any member, at any time, please contact us.


Slip ups happen—so first off, don’t fret. If you had good intentions, we’ll mostly likely be able to work out something with you. We like to view these are learning opportunities first off, and only take major action for seriously harmful offenses (like harassment of members, abusive behavior, violence, etc.). We do take these policies seriously, as they’re healthy boundaries that create a loving and supportive space—but we always address issues with compassion too. It’s safe to make mistakes here.

Here’s what could happen if you mess up:

We’ll delete your post. Most likely, you’ll receive a message with information on why it was deleted, but we can’t guarantee this. Sometimes we get busy—and our priority is creating healing and supportive content for you, not re-explaining guidelines.

If you repost a problematic post, or make a future one on a similar level, we could issue a temporary post approval requirement on your account. This means that you’ll have to wait for us admins to approve your post, before it’s shown in the group. In this case, we’ll likely reach out and explain the issues, so you can avoid further consequences.

We may remove you from The Prosperity Path Facebook Group(s), without refund. We may also remove you from the entire Prosperity Path Program without refund, too. Again, this is only for severe violations of rules—things that directly harm other members and were (most likely) done with malicious intention.

For very serious cases, like abuse or defamation, we may have our lawyer reach out to you. We don’t anticipate this, but it’s important to share regardless!

If any guidelines confuse you or you have a question we haven’t answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!


This Facebook Group is a privilege, not a given. If you can’t or choose not to agree to the guidelines, we’d recommend leaving the group. This is a supportive, caring environment—and if that doesn’t vibe with you, you are welcome to enjoy the rest of The Prosperity Path program without the addition of our Facebook community.

We reserve the right to change these Guidelines or impose new conditions on use of the Site from time to time, in which case we will post the revised Guidelines and Terms of Service in the group.

(Uncover Your Joy (“Company”) reserves the right to permanently suspend membership for any member at their discretion. Violation of any House rule as determined by Company, is grounds for permanent or temporary suspension of a Facebook community member. Company reserves the right to deny any request for membership and remove any post at its discretion. Company reserves the right to change the requirements or rules from time to time with or without notice.)