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Community support & resources for Prosperity Path Program members

Loving the Prosperity Path Program…but wish you had more? Something to keep you motivated, focused, and give you every single skill you need to truly build a life of joy? Want round-the-clock community support? The Prosperity Path Membership is what you need.


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Procrastination, fear, and loneliness are the biggest obstacles to living a life of joy after abuse. This membership saves you from falling prey to those struggles, by providing exercises to help you along your Prosperity Path, live coaching Q&As, and a round-the-clock community of survivors who understand your journey (because they’re in it too)! 

What’s included:

Community Support & Facebook Group

You have 24/7 access to the membership community, meaning you can always get support from your peers (and community mentors)! If you need an accountability buddy, someone to encourage you to keep healing, or a little help working through a tougher week, this is the place to go. You’ll have survivors right by your side as you journey to joy, and we’ll all be ready to lift you up when you need it most. This growing group has many super active members, too!

Monthly Challenges and Bonuses

The resources in this membership go far beyond The Prosperity Path Program. New monthly challenges, exercises, workbooks, and more come with this membership. And you’ll have access to an archive of all past resources too.

Here are two from the past:

  • 20-day Radical Acceptance Challenge to make peace with your past
  • Discover Your Authentic Self exercise

Live Group Coaching Q&A calls

Need some direct advice on how to overcome a challenging situation? Tips to make the most of a healing exercise? A strategy to overcome a limiting belief? You’ll have access to monthly live question and answer calls though this membership, on top of the one-on-one support I’ll provide to you personally in the membership Facebook group.

Access to Guest Expert Masterclasses

The Prosper Membership includes access to mentors with different perspectives, experiences, and knowledge. There are amazing leaders from all around the world that will speak about recovering from abuse, and you’ll have access to every conversation as a member. One trauma expert speaks each month!

A sneak peek into…

The Community Facebook Group

Monthly Challenges & Bonuses

Guest Expert Masterclasses

Sharing your thoughts with those who already think like you is healing


Join The Prosper Membership to get access to a community of survivors like you, who are journeying through their own Prosperity Paths

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Prosperity Path Program and this membership?

You most likely already have access to The Prosperity Path Program—that’s the eCourse you previously purchased (If not…access it here! It includes:

  • 6 Modules, each going through one stage of the path you need to find joy after abuse
  • Answer library access
  • Program bonuses and additional materials

The Prosperity Path Membership is an additional add on you can join for a small monthly fee ($29). This provides additional content, to help you take all you learned in the program and actually follow through to create the life you love.

It’ll provide a whole bunch of additional resources, like:

  • Round-the-clock community support through a members-only Facebook group
  • Additional challenges and bonus materials
  • Live Q&A calls where I personally answer your questions and help you overcome challenges you face
  • Guest expert calls (once a month interviews)

It supplements The Prosperity Path Program—helping you take action, troubleshoot, and stay motivated as you work to build a life you truly love.

Do I have to finish all 6 modules in The Prosperity Path Program before joining the membership?

Nope, not at all! In fact, the Prosper Membership is a great resource for anyone—those that have completed the program, those partway through, and those just starting. The only requirement to join is that you’re enrolled in The Prosperity Path Program.

If I cancel, do I still get the rest of my month or year I paid for?

For sure! You’ll have access to all resources throughout the time you already paid for the membership. Your access will only be revoked once your payment expires at the end of the term you purchased. 

So, if you purchase a montly plan on July 1st, and cancel 2 weeks later, you’ll still have access until August 1st. 

Once I join, can I only access content released after the day I join?

You’ll have access to the entire library of membership content, including all past resources, the instant you join. So, every single challenge we’ve done, every Q&A webinar, every guest expert call. Your main login page will have the current month’s material, so you won’t get overwhelmed, but if you need to access something else at any time, you’ll be able to.

Do you offer refunds?

The membership works on a cancel anytime policy, rather than a refund policy. Basically, if you try it out and decide you don’t like it, simply cancel. That’s all there is to it! You won’t be charged any extra, and you’ll have access to the membership materials until one month after your last successful payment.

If you have purchased an annual membership, refunds are given on a case by case basis. Please contact us to inquire.

If you’re hit with financial hardship at any point, but wish to remain as a member, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you out.