“Using the Hero’s Journey to Empower Your Healing Path” with Stephenie Zamora

Unsure how to come back in the aftermath of trauma? Stephenie walks us through using The Hero’s Journey framework as a method for healing.

We talk about the resurgence of grief (even months after the initial trauma), how healing has multiple battles to fight, and the power of making the choice to rise again and again. It’s not just hitting rock bottom and suddenly getting better. Stephenie demonstrates how we build the courage to pick ourselves back up…a skill every survivor needs. Lastly, we also talk about diving into the void of tough emotions, and how that’s the best thing you can do to free yourself from them.

This interview will help you trust you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and guide you towards the next step in your healing.


Stephenie’s Website
Stephenie’s Book “Unravel”