“Identifying & Overcoming Self-Sabotage after Parental Abuse”

with Mary Toolan

Your parents should have nurtured, protected, and supported you. But…for so many of us abuse survivors, our parents were a source of violence or pain.

They might have hurt you with neglect, beatings, sexual advances. Or more subtle tactics like unrealistic expectations, bullying, and manipulation.

If a parent did any of this to you, they victimized you. And you don’t deserve the struggles that it left you with. Especially patterns of self-sabotage.

Fortunately, Mary Toolan is here to help you heal what your parents left you with. She’ll show you how to nurture your way through self-sabotage, reconcile the 2 conflicting parts of your psyche, know if you were a scapegoat child, and more.

It’s your ticket to freedom from self-sabotage.


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