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The Prosperity Path: How to Find Happiness After Abuse

The Direct Path You Need to Follow to Thrive after Abuse




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How close are you to living a life you love after abuse?

The Prosperity Path is a 6-step journey to living a life you love after abuse—and you’re about to realize how far along you are. If you’ve felt stuck and unsure about why you’re not yet enjoying life, even after all the personal work you’ve done, this quiz is for you.

Choose the option that best fits you—using how you’ve felt over this past month as a guide. (As in, don’t just answer based on how you’re feeling today.)

Please note: This quiz is intended for survivors of abuse who are free from their abusers (post-trauma) and are not at risk of crisis.

What about your past feels the most limiting?

What’s the biggest struggle you’ve faced this month?

What (if anything) makes it hard to reach your goals?

Which statement best describes you?

What do you feel the most often, out of this list?

Something you tried didn’t work out…how do you feel about that?

What sounds the most challenging?