The Prosperity Path Program


Hope. Ease. Support. That’s what we need as we heal from abuse. This program will take you on a gentle & powerful journey to design your ideal life after abuse, erasing confusion about what “a good life” means. You’ll have a plan and the skills to start living it. 


Abuse leaves us feeling lost, tired, and hopeless.
We can rarely see into the future, let alone picture a good life. That’s what this program can change.
It’ll help you create a crystal clear path to a life you love and gain all the essential skills to get there.
Basically, you’ll be able to say “This is the life I want to live, and I know what I need to do to reach it.”

This gentle and empowering program is built for exhausted, lost survivors like you.
You’ve survived so much, now it’s time to get your life back—and make it better than ever.

This program can give you pure hope, by helping you find freedom from your past
and design what your future looks like.

You’re in the right place if you…


Want to make your healing journey easier

I know that exhaustion you face. That’s why I did the work for you, identifying the most direct path to building a life of peace and joy after abuse. All you have to do is follow it at your own pace.


Want freedom from the hurt of your past

You’re stable enough, you can get through life…but it’s not enjoyable. You want to really live & love, but right now feel burdened by your past. You want freedom.


Are searching for who you truly are

You’re seeking your authentic self, who you are beyond the abuse you went through. The you that feels empowered, the you that knows what real joy is. This program will awaken your truest self. 

Vibing with all this? Fate guided you to the perfect place. This eCourse is the resource you need to awaken the joy you deserve, in an easy-to-follow way. It’ll prove that healing doesn’t have to be hard, confusing, or frightening.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is a workable path and creates not only a lot of optimism, Calion himself demonstrates how it has worked in his life. The Prosperity Path course offers a well-organized, series of inspiring videos and worksheets that take us step-by-step on the path to a life filled with joy. I have found it to be filled with information and also filled with hope and a real sense of the joy that can be achieved by working with the techniques. It is a wonderful addition to the healing community!”

-Lise Hull, Summer 2020

The greatest loss is moving throughout life without joy, only surviving until tomorrow comes


Try the proven 6-step path to joy after abuse and claim the wonderful life you’re meant to have.

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The 6 steps to joy after abuse

The Prosperity Path is a clear and easy-to-follow guide to living a life you love after abuse. Each Module in this program covers one of the six steps, simplifying it into doable, transformative techniques. It includes all the essentials, while breaking the path down through short videos and worksheets to eliminate overwhelm.

1: Accept Your Past

You’ve escaped your abuser…but this is where you actually find freedom. You’ll learn how to lean into your emotions—putting an end to self-hatred and self-rejection. This is the foundation for life-long healing, and the impact is instantly noticeable.

2: Reclaim Empowerment

This is where you learn what an empowered you looks like. You’ll no longer feel isolated and powerless. Self-doubt won’t be your default any longer. Instead, you’ll confidently set boundaries, discover your authentic self, and head towards a life you love.

3: Design Your Dreams

If you’ve struggled to trust yourself with your dreams, and perhaps avoided setting them at all, this stage will change that. You’ll reclaim the idea of having a beautiful future—and there will be no doubt that it’s right for you. Plus, you’ll be filled with hope!

4: Identify Obstacles

Understand before solving—that’s what you need to do every time you hit a wall. This stage helps you deeply process what’s holding you back from joy, so you unearth the core issue (in a gentle but powerful way).

5: Strategize Solutions

You’ll solve every struggle holding you back from joy—and you won’t compromise your heart along the way. You’ll also learn how to pick what advice to follow, ensuring you’re not swayed by people who don’t know what’s best for you.

6: Take Action & Thrive

Overcome that big resistance to actually do what’s best for you. The previous 5 stages map out your exact journey to joy. This is where you set goals and take action. Every step motivates you to keep going, as you start actually feeling better!

What Makes The Prosperity Path eCourse So Life-Changing

We understand

The Prosperity Path was created by and for survivors of abuse. It’s peer support—meaning it’s different than therapy, self help, or life coaching. It’s a community of people who truly understand what it’s like to go through the trauma of abuse.

Tried and true path

These 6 steps are what allowed me to find joy after abuse, and I’ve since helped dozens of others survivors with this path. This program teaches you the exact framework each of these survivors have used, in a customizable way to fit your needs.

LifeTime access

Once you’re a member, you’re always a member. You can take as long as you need to go through this program, and you can review any Module, video, worksheet, or bonus at any time. Plus, you can optionally join an add-on membership for community support.

What’s included:


The joy path

In 6 Modules, you’ll create a crystal clear path that’ll lead you directly to a life of joy. One where you wake up glad to be alive, live regret-free, and have the confidence to chase your greatest dreams. Each Module builds upon the previous, creating a roadmap directly to a life you’ll love.

Video trainings & worksheets

This program delivers exactly what you need to thrive, through 23 clear and easy to follow videos. The playtimes range from 4-30 minutes, making this whole course easy to follow through on. Plus, there’s a library of answers to frequently asked questions!

Actionable worksheets

It’ll be easy for you to take all you’ve learned and put it into action with the dozens of worksheets in The Prosperity Path Program. Here’s a sneak peek into some of my favs!

      • Handling Regret with Loving Acceptance
      • Healing Self-Blame
      • Dreaming Up Your Life of Joy
      • Creating New Beliefs
      • Making Goals Easy to Act On

Membership community invite

This optional monthly add-on is only for survivors who have joined this eCourse. In it, you’ll have access to an active online community, live Q&A calls, group challenges and exercises, and guest expert interviews.

A sneak peek into the videos

I understand the nerves around investing in your healing. So, scroll through these images to see exactly what you’ll get!

The worksheets can be used anytime you feel like you need some guidance or encouragement in your life. They were very enjoyable to do.

All in all, I honestly cannot put into words what an amazing and empathetic person Calion is. I highly encourage everyone to go to him if they need help figuring themselves out on a deeper, spiritual and emotional level. You will not be disappointed!

Kyo Pierre-Francois

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join and decide within 30 days that it’s not the program for you, that’s okay! Just send us your completed Module 1 and 2 coursework with your request for a refund.

We’re confident you’ll love this program, so we’ve designed this process to be hassle-free. We just need to know you gave it a chance first!

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About the program’s creator

Hi! I’m Calion! I’m a survivor of 15 years of abuse who has found joy in life, despite the horrific trauma I went through as a child.

I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to helping other survivors, especially those who believe their trauma has left them with a life sentence of pain. That’s why I created The Prosperity Path Program, to help you find freedom through this tried-and-true journey.

My own joy includes an incredible fiancée, a business I adore, genuine inner peace, and a true sense of freedom from my past. It’s a life where I wake up excited for each new day—even when there’s hard stuff happening, truthfully. It’s joy.

The Prosperity Path was created from the steps that brought me to this great life, plus research into mindfulness and therapeutic techniques. Now, I hope to help you heal too!

P.S. I’m masculine, and use he/him pronouns!

Is the Prosperity Path Program perfect for you?

It totally is perfect if…

You’re a survivor of abuse who believes you can build a better life, you just don't know how

You’re willing to do the work, you just don’t know what path is right for you yet.

You have stability in your recovery

This means you’re not likely to end up in a mental health crisis. And, if you do, you have a support system and/or crisis plan to help you through.

You know this journey will be beautiful—even if it takes some time

Every step will increase the joy you feel, but it’s not an overnight fix. In as fast as 6-weeks, you’ll have a plan for joy, then it’s up to you to implement it.

You feel ready for this

Some anxiety to start a new healing path is normal, but take a moment to check in with your intuition. Your heart. Does this spark a light in you? Give you hope you haven’t felt in a long time? Then yes, the Prosperity Path Program is perfect for you!

It’s not if…

You've recently had a mental health crisis

If you have recently (within the last year) considered harming yourself or others, professional mental health support is best. (Exception: you’re working with a therapist and they recommended this program to you or they approve of you joining.)

You want a quick fix

True and authentic joy after abuse takes time, even though it’s an amazing journey. If you want an overnight “cure”  to all your struggles, this isn’t the course for you.

You expect this to make life super easy with no conflicts, ever

We can’t control when challenges come into our lives—so there’s no guarantee yours will be hardship free. This program will give you the skills to get through those struggles, though!

Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable and personalized is this program?

Each survivor has unique journeys and experiences, so this is super customizable! Like building a house. Gotta build the foundation, then all the support beams, walls, windows, paint, finishing touches—in that order. But, even though each house follows this pattern, they each look completely different. It’s the same with The Prosperity Path. It’s the exact guide you need, which you personalize.

Is The Prosperity Path just for survivors of abuse?

It’s not exclusively for survivors of abuse, but that is the focus. There are other traumas that can happen and we have people with a variety of backgrounds in this program too. If you feel this will benefit you, no matter your past, you’re welcome to join. If you’re unsure if the program is a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]  with your questions!

Is The Prosperity Path Program the same as therapy?

No, it’s quite different! Therapy is used to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. The Prosperity Path Program doesn’t do this. It instead focuses on your life as a whole, helping you build a life you love beyond the abuse you faced. Even though the focus is on healing from abuse, it’s not the same as therapy.

Basically, this isn’t the place to find treatment for PTSD symptoms or where to go if you’re in a mental health crisis. It is a place for inspiration, peer support, and encouragement as you overcome obstacles in your life and practice techniques that will help you feel free from the abuse you went through.

What’s Not Included?

The Prosperity Path Program doesn’t include therapy or access to licensed mental health professionals. This means there’s no diagnosing or treating of mental health conditions. You’ll instead find resources created by and for survivors (that have been validated by mental health professionals).

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! If joining the Prosperity Path Program would cause financial hardship for you, you can apply for a scholarship here. For every 20 people who purchase the program, one scholarship recipient is granted access! This is on a first come, first serve basis. If your application is selected, we’ll email you and let you know how many people are before you.

Do I need to be in North America to join?

Nope! This program will work anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. The principles you’ll learn are universal, meaning any survivor can benefit, even from different cultures. Every video has a transcript, which you can translate into any language needed too. Just email [email protected] to get those text documents!

What does lifetime access mean?

You’ll be able to log in and use this program for as long as it exists on the internet–which is likely going to be a long, long time! So, if years down the road, you want to look back at this, you can. 

You’ll also have free access to all upgrades and additional material that’s added over time (like if, say, Module 1 gets an extra video). 

There are only three ways you can lose access: you’re banned (only in severe circumstances, usually illegal stuff), the program closes (you’d be able to download everything first if this ever happened!), or you choose to leave. Otherwise, you’ll have lifetime access!

Ready to truly heal & live a life you love? Join The Prosperity Path Program: